Caratworld by Amisheé

A much-awaited prêt line of statement pieces launched by Amisheé is here.

Radiate Elegance

This beautiful necklace is daintily crafted in a pattern of intricately crafted leaf motifs descending gracefully into a mystical ruby dangling in the center of it. This soft gift of beauty is paired with an equally beautiful pair of earrings in the same pattern.

Glow Of Luxury That Goes Beyond Time

This elegant earring is crafted in the motifs of diamonds encrusted leaves and drops down into a scintillatingly singular square of ruby. It is pristine in its breathtaking beauty and shines with an enduring radiance of elegance.

Each jewel in this collection is unique in its sophisticated appeal and the glow of classic finery.

The scintillating collection of jewels is a celebration of the intricacies of design and the art of imbuing into jewels, a life with the glow of elegance and the richness of fine karigari.

Make An Elegant And Sparkling Statement

This graceful necklace is made in the image of daintiness, decorated with wispy designs of diamonds in a delicate row of gold. It is a perfect simple pick for any occasion and will bring light to any outfit it adorns.

Composed in the image of striking beauty and infused with the daintiness of dreams, these jewels are nothing short of a romantic fantasy on their own.

Coming from a space of ornate richness and simplistic finery, combined together, they create a beautiful symphony of jewels that are classic in their timeless beauty and are bedecked with some of the most breathtaking gems.

An Ode To Our Legacy Of Craftsmanship

A collection that is crafted with the timeless beauty of diamonds combined with an array of deeply hued, swooning gems like rubies and emeralds- this is an ode to classic richness. These jewels are made for you, to carry through time and to pair with some of your best moments in life.

Witness the kind of sophisticated richness that leaves a glittering legacy.

This collection is born out of the zeal to create something timeless that is also intricate in its design and beautifully dainty. These statement pieces are coming together with grace and a heady richness of ornate finery.

Statement pieces that are an embodiment of grace and elegance in their dainty designs and choice of gems that are exquisite and infused with a luxurious glow.