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Each jewel that comes from the ateliers of Amisheé is an exquisite example of utmost intricacy put into the craft of its creation. Our designs are nothing short of a gleaming example of our commitment to re-writing luxury with every stroke of delightful karigari. With dedication and expertise, we bring to you jewels that are delicate, graceful, dreamy, and at the same time confident and expressive.


We at AMISHEÉ are carrying on the legacy of grandeur and luxury in each jewel that we craft out of our workshop of artistry. Each statement piece is rife with richness and tells a story of sophistication in the intricately detailed designs embossed in gold and diamond and beset with the choicest jewels. We believe in crafting jewels that are suffused with the beauty of the finest karigari set in the most sophisticated base of bejeweled glory. It is an effort to bring to life the jewels that can not only add royal glamour to your wardrobe but can become a part of your personal legacy for years to come.


The intricacy of the fine craftsmanship that makes up each little detail of the jewels is what makes the statement pieces from the ateliers of Amisheé, a must-have as a part of your own golden legacy. These are jewels that are made to be passed on through generations while being cherished with love and grace. Combining richness and grace is an art that we at Amisheé have practiced over years with diligence and love. We take our inspiration from the annals of tradition and imbue it with a chic grace, to create a unique collection of jewels.